Vitaliano Pancaldi tie impresses with its brightness and design diversity. A surprising color, line and pattern diversity, which exudes vitality. Among the colorful designs are also found in classical and more peaceful ties, but from the adjacent magnificent neckties are virtually impossible to prevent your eyes. Any man with a soul artist will want to get the tie in your wardrobe. Vitaliano Panacaldi tie ideal fit both on ceremonial occasions, both parties and will stand out from the other background. These ties highlights the man's individuality and originality.


Vitaliano Pancaldi ties


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Vitaliano Pancaldi Neckties







Vitaliano Pancaldi ties are carefully and expertly made ​​by hand in Italy - Bologna. Ties are produced using only the finest silk jacquards. Tie designs are used in a unique, varied color palette of each tie makes a unique and exclusive. Vitaliano Pancaldi ties can be bought online at a discount. Depending on the collection and seasonal, tie prices range between 100-300 dollars.



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