Luigi Borrelli Napoli ties


Luigi Borrelli is characterized by classic, masculine ties for serious business men who are popular among the Italian fashion house of refinement and good taste. Luigi Borrelli ties are manufactured from high quality fabrics - silk, wool, cashmere, denim and even linen. Luigi Borrelli ties used in a wide range of colors - various shades of pink, red, beige, brown, blue, black, green and gray. Luigi Borelli tie collections can be found on ties with a wide range of patterns - a very fine rhythmic patterns, dotted, checkered, with classic stripes sloping, as well as solid colored tie. Very attractive is a tie with the deletion of the oblique pattern, which are used very tastefully coordinated colors and stripe rhythms. Despite the stick to the classic-style tie, Luigi Borrelli collections are also found in a less traditional color tie with floral motifs that are more fit men's artistic type.


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Luigi Borrelli Napoli Neckties







Luigi Borrelli ties can be purchased in several online stores. Ties of older Luigi Borrelli collections can be purchased at considerable discounts. If you want to buy a tie from the new collections, it will have to part with even $ 130-160.



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