Battisti Napoli ties


Battisti Napoli ties are for true lovers of Italian classics. They are high quality and carefully hand-made ​​tie, perfect highlight of each man's style and individuality. Ties are made with fine rhythmical, checkered, or angle deleted articles. Between striped and polka dot ties and distinguished ties with floral motifs. Ties has been used very broad and diverse range of colors from sunny yellow and orange, to classic blue and gray. Therefore, no man Battisti Napoli collections will not be difficult to find the perfect tie every life situation. Battisti Napoli tie stand out not only with their diverse and multicolored designs, but also for its thoughtful features - tie inside a hidden pocket for the credit card or cash.



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Battisti Napoli Neckties







Battisti Napoli ties from older collections can be purchased online at a significant discount to under $ 100. Ties of the latest collections online stores will pay up to $ 200.



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