Ties are one of the most important business men accessories. A good designer necktie serves to highlight the nature of man and nature. Depending on the color, pattern and print, tie can highlight the courage, sensitivity, playfulness and seriousness, and tolerance. Designer tie is clearly a kind of indicator of the status of man in today's society. This is the reason why designers are so different from each living situation suitable ties, ranging from classical and serious business men's ties, ending with colorful, vivid and striking ties, which is more suitable for entertainment, partys and show business.


The art of wearing a tie is not difficult to grasp, but necessary. After the image has to be intact and properly chosen tie spoil the whole picture. The color scheme of a tie, tie clips should ideally be combined with a suit, but in this case, you can create an elegant and stylish way of business men.

Of course, this attribute must be a perfect dress tied. Nowadays, the information on this subject are vast. But that's not all, there are certain rules of wearing. The buckle strap should not hide under the tie, you just fill the tip of the tie on it.

Many incidents when wearing a tie would avoid tie clip. He says the taste of the owner. For example, refusing a jacket, or wearing it unbuttoned, you absolutely must use a clamp. Of course, under his jacket clip does not look gaudy


The decision to wear a tie can be compared to buying an expensive car. If you dare - Recognize the art, and the road to the big leagues you open. If you do it with taste and respect the basic rules, never show up ridiculous pompous dandy, and you will win.


Every man perceived ties in a special way. One considers it a necessary addition to your costume, a symbol of success and respectability, others, he, on the contrary, stifled.

Tie - telling attribute of man clothing. Naturally, different by nature and temperament a man put on a similar tie. Reliable, loyal, caring, but too busy about their business men prefer to probably tie in striped (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). This attribute of a successful businessman.

People are creative, with a unique view of things, romance is likely to choose a tie in the flower. With so do not get bored, but now rely on such a man should not be afraid-the most crucial time of their creative soul linger in the air the next castle.





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People who have the honor in the foreground, with a goal of going to her no matter what, like a tie or speckled peas. Moreover, the more closed the owner, the finer the dots on his tie.

Serious business partner, spouse, for whom, like a stone wall, in a word, a man who could control myself in any situation, possessing remarkable patience, suitable tie with ornament. Their composure and sense of humor will protect them from any criticism, they do not give up their comforts for something extravagant.



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